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I thought it would make it easier to review all the information here as opposed to trying to either convey it verbally or through email.

While a password is required to access the Dean pages, this will only discourage the casual web surfer, therefore I will try not to list any critical information pertaining to living individuals.  Everything posted to date has been gathered using publicly available data; however, If you see anything that you would rather not have displayed let me know.

I have excluded all searches that would point to any Dean information on  This, again should help keep the casual web surfer from accessing information on the Dean Page.

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Dean family tree - This Family Tree contains all individuals from the family groups (Dean, Magbee, Caulfield etc. located to date) as well as all individuals in the sub-family groups.  This link also contains an index of every Surname, Photo Page Index, Inter-linked trees to every individual and  Family Group pages with links to sources and notes.


Descendant Tree - Descendents of Martha Lou Usry.  Updated 02/22/2011


Harry Pierce Dean - This Page is primarily concerend with information and data that relates to Harry Pierce Dean and his immediate family. Updated 02/22/2011


Census Data - Martha - This Census Page reviews the information found in various census years as well as links to the actual census(s) and summaries/assumptions made using census data that primarily focus on Martha ?,Dean,Caulfield, Magbee.

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